Beverly Hills 90210 Season 10 Version 1

by Simone on agosto 28, 2012

They Only Used this Version when Joe E. Tata wasn’t on the show, otherwise the used Version 5 Of 9. But It’s Version 1 Because they used it for the first episode of

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hordetrooper aprile 5, 2011 alle 12:14 am

wow, the last season is over 10 yrs now, i forgot how long that show ran.. n luke perry a special guest star? did he leave before?

gangstaladie maggio 5, 2011 alle 4:00 am

yea atleast this one came on every week and not every two or three weeks cw shows are so lazy

shazxxxxxxx16786 maggio 24, 2011 alle 12:41 pm

season 10!! wow i hope the new 1 stays for as long as that

megagleek20 giugno 15, 2011 alle 3:53 am

i remember watching this with my sisters this was there show and now the new 90210 is my show

cinemovie86 giugno 16, 2011 alle 6:28 pm

il decandimento della serie :((

Giorgia25296 giugno 30, 2011 alle 12:37 pm

beverly hills 902010 is nothing without brandon and brenda!

ImperialAtlantis luglio 1, 2011 alle 7:38 am

Tori started as 9th in the credit list, and here she’s fourth. Sometimes it really pays to just stay where you are.

bepjr luglio 1, 2011 alle 9:16 pm

I know that Tori started as 9th in the credit list and here she is number 4 on last season. I am more likely happy that Tori, Brian, Jenni and Ian stayed loyal to the show.

preppyboy9016 luglio 16, 2011 alle 5:22 am


lol Actually I recently read an article from one of the writers of the show, basically she said that mostly Brian and Ian stayed on the show because they knew they would NEVER get a job like that again (and they didn’t). Plus, being on the show for 10 years paid off really really well, apparently they were all fed up but the money kept them going.

bepjr luglio 17, 2011 alle 8:49 am

Wow I didn’t know about that. That was a smart move on Ian and Brian’s part on staying on the show. Being on the show for 10 years like you said really did pay off for both of them.

Loeskedegexte luglio 20, 2011 alle 12:15 am

jennie Garth IT IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

popaddict dicembre 8, 2011 alle 12:32 pm

Ian Ziering! I used to have a such a massive crush on him. I blame him for my preference for blonde guys :P

sommerlove16 dicembre 30, 2011 alle 9:55 am


Ivanaaaable febbraio 9, 2012 alle 3:14 pm

I blame Dylan for my constant search in life for hard to live with bad ass mysterious mother fuckers. :DDD

Mr1131988 febbraio 18, 2012 alle 5:11 am

Ian Ziering… geez what a bum this guy was. This guy was basically a teen in the 70s and was in his 20s during the 80s and he was one of the few guys that never left the 90210 cast the entire run! Ridiculous! He never even tried to get more challenging adult roles. Instead he, of all people played a jock well into his 30s. He was basically 36 when the show ended.

aussiemiguel febbraio 24, 2012 alle 7:53 am

@ilovereeceandomally1 because it’s almost like he did them a favour by returning. Plus, it’s what they did with Heather Locklear in Melrose Place, where she did start out as a guest star, and although she soon became a regular cast member, she always received that special credit.

aussiemiguel febbraio 24, 2012 alle 7:54 am

True, but when the show ended they were supposed to be 25-26. He was still older than that, but you make is sound like he was still plalying a teen in season 10.

Mr1131988 febbraio 25, 2012 alle 3:03 am

No not a teen but you know, the frat boy type of guy in college. Mr. Varsity ladies’ man, of all people the eldest of the entire cast. Pretty ridiculous.

imsokewl27 aprile 15, 2012 alle 5:12 am

True but unfortunatly that’s what happens sometimes.

imsokewl27 aprile 15, 2012 alle 5:17 am

He left in season 8.

imsokewl27 aprile 15, 2012 alle 5:18 am

Sorry seaon 9.

shadydawg555 aprile 28, 2012 alle 12:23 am

First, this show ended in season 8 when Brandon left. It was about 2 kids moving to Beverly Hills, Brenda leaving was a huge huge blow, and I know a lot of people werent sure it make it without her, but they still had Brandon.

When Brandon left, it had to end. It went another season and a half, but it wasnt the same.

On another note, where did Claire go?

bepjr maggio 16, 2012 alle 5:53 am

Claire Left at the end of Season 7, last episode to move with her father to Paris.

4theroof luglio 14, 2012 alle 1:42 am

Wow 90210 lasted a decade.

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