Donna And David’s Wedding. Beverly Hills 90210

by Simone on agosto 31, 2012

Donna and David’s .

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2111crazy agosto 21, 2010 alle 5:55 pm

vogliamo questa puntata di beverly hills in italiano…
chi ci può aiutare..?

2111crazy agosto 21, 2010 alle 5:57 pm

vogliamo questa puntata di beverly hills in italiano…
chi ci può aiutare..?

dirty06maggot agosto 27, 2010 alle 4:53 pm

yeah they did

Stephy4eva1001 settembre 20, 2010 alle 7:12 am

i just finished watched the last EVER episode of beverly hills 90210 – and it was so sad :(( i can not believe it has ended!!
i will never think that donna and david got divorced, to me the whole show ended at the end of season 10 of the original, it was a beautiful ending and in my mind david and donna had a billion kids, a couple of dogs and lived happily ever after 🙂 i am so sad the show has ended! 🙁

summerXX0 novembre 12, 2010 alle 12:26 am

Awww David! he’s crying more than Donna did

tacosruletheskool dicembre 12, 2010 alle 11:31 am

i couldn’t agree more!!!! 🙂

RxyBSB20 gennaio 22, 2011 alle 7:07 pm

This was the best episode ever. I agree buffychick, the new 90210 sucks. Its laughable that they would even try to recreate 90210. You can’t replicate perfection!

andyelsie febbraio 8, 2011 alle 5:40 pm

That was the single most romantic ceremony i’ve ever seen :.-)

19311978 febbraio 9, 2011 alle 4:44 am

Donna looks so much better as a brunette…That platinum blonde was terrible.

dirty06maggot aprile 30, 2011 alle 10:57 pm

i agree gree. this looks way better.

simonne951 giugno 5, 2011 alle 7:49 am

I agree with a couple of u the new 90210 is crap. I tried to watch the first episode and got bored very quickly. The charaters were crappy. Can’t remake a classic

biGforBETTRATH settembre 5, 2011 alle 12:26 pm

Donna was only a actor in beverly hills because his father was the producer or?

tejana84 settembre 15, 2011 alle 6:52 am

This is the real 90210!! I’ve always love this show so much that I’ve got all episodes on DVD & still see reruns on tv.

MegaDede43 settembre 26, 2011 alle 3:22 pm

did anyone notice there are 2 ministers can someone tll me why? thanks

Pornocop08 ottobre 14, 2011 alle 3:10 am

subanlas en español latino o con subtitulos porfavor

GirlInLove87 ottobre 16, 2011 alle 2:18 am

I still get tears in my eyes when I see this! they are way to perfect for each other 🙂

erinsandy ottobre 24, 2011 alle 2:38 am

There are two ministers because David is Jewish and Donna is Catholic.

habibo93 novembre 7, 2011 alle 10:18 pm

Hahahahhahah når de engang når til kysse scenen så er de så snottet og klamme i ansigtet af tåre og makeup at det er for klamt at kigge på i alt for lang tid 😛 JEg elsker den serie og ser den nu for 6 gang :_O

jordanke100 dicembre 14, 2011 alle 8:20 pm

her dad din’t want her try out for the part but she did anyways saw it on tv awhile ago.

imissyouk13 gennaio 31, 2012 alle 2:34 am

ima grown ass man but this gets me to cry

niallio77 febbraio 26, 2012 alle 3:19 pm

WTF am i doing here?!! Back to Dukes Of Hazzard pronto..

bkk8908 marzo 23, 2012 alle 5:47 am

the one in the black, is a rabbi. One of them must be Jewish…I think David bc he was repeating after him.

musicaltoy aprile 21, 2012 alle 9:41 pm


“Princess In My Life” tear jerker!!
This song a father daughter dance song is going. Listen to it and you’ll want if for your own wedding or friends! Thanks for listening!

kcmet79 maggio 15, 2012 alle 9:45 am

absolutely, Jim and Cindy made the show. especially Cindy’s fruit cups and homemade brownies!


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