Beverly Hills 90210 Dylan and Kelly 4X14

by Simone on settembre 2, 2012

scenes from the episode “windstruck” credits to JaimeBee1 bellasposa23 for the idea 🙂 (i don’t own anything)

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33abigail giugno 12, 2009 alle 8:30 am

absolutely brenda looks like old style… kelly is the best partner for dylan:))

shananika agosto 17, 2009 alle 8:37 am

I agree…Kelly is definitely the best partner for Dylan. Brenda was always selfish. But Kelly always wanted what was best for Dylan. Even when she was pushy, she was always looking out for his best interest.

dvcgurl settembre 23, 2009 alle 6:40 pm

u know dylan was thinking of brenda while he was with kelly
kelly just got brenda left over

gobsmack10 ottobre 25, 2009 alle 7:05 pm

brenda was so strong in the way she dealt with dylan and kelly being together….very admirable

lulubug98 novembre 24, 2009 alle 8:03 pm

kelly is my favorite character

trishkizer1982 gennaio 2, 2010 alle 6:55 pm

Donna is sooo ugly!!!

Nicoleshaan gennaio 18, 2010 alle 11:02 pm


shananika gennaio 19, 2010 alle 4:35 am

Mine too! I’m so glad that she stayed there for the whole 10 seasons. If she had left, I would’ve stopped watching.

drunkalice gennaio 31, 2010 alle 4:55 pm

yeah, that’s the best part in their relationship. Dylan always tended to run away from her when she took him to face his responsabilities (like college in 4×03), but she was stronger. He eventually understands that, but season 4 is still quite annoying with all the triangle thing.

Aroseya febbraio 7, 2010 alle 6:23 am

I like Brenda and Dylan as friends, they are like siblings! Love K&D together!!!

michalishapiro febbraio 8, 2010 alle 7:27 pm

totally agree!

TheGoodfellas1990 giugno 9, 2010 alle 12:00 pm

That was the most decent behavior John Sears had ever shown – spraying K/D with the hose. Just b4 this episode Dylan shoved that pie in Sears face and they almost fought because of it. You would think Sears would have gone after Dylan when he saw him at the car wash. Spraying them with the hose was pretty lighthearted.

LittleBoxOfMusic agosto 1, 2010 alle 8:39 am


claudiakittykat dicembre 17, 2010 alle 1:35 pm

kelly is so great. I like her and Dylan together, because they just fit so well together. They have a great connection.

claudiakittykat dicembre 17, 2010 alle 1:36 pm

Kelly and Dylan were made for each other.

claudiakittykat marzo 11, 2011 alle 5:25 pm

I so agree with you!! love kelly and dylan=)

claudiakittykat marzo 11, 2011 alle 5:26 pm

I know hay!!

claudiakittykat marzo 11, 2011 alle 5:27 pm

I know hay!! she is such a drama queen

Carrie3840 giugno 23, 2011 alle 6:55 pm

And telling someone “I’m either gonna be number one in your life or I’m not gonna be in your life” is not selfish? LOL!She was always so jealous and possesive. She even got mad when Dylan was spending time with Erica,his sister. Dylan really brought out the worst in Kelly. She seemed much more happier and nicer when she was with Brandon.

PrincessBambiflower giugno 28, 2011 alle 11:40 pm

nice vid, so good to see some nice comments about Dylan and Kelly instead of the haters 🙂

michalishapiro giugno 29, 2011 alle 11:58 am

i’m glad you liked it :-)

tescobabe1410 novembre 18, 2011 alle 1:28 am

I’m not saying they were not a cute/good couple … but I could never get used to them … mostly because I loved Brenda and Dylan together … it broke ma heart when they broke up :'(… but I think Kelly was destined to be with Brandon and the same for Brenda and Dylan … just ma opinion 🙂

dincapistrano luglio 28, 2012 alle 9:36 pm


dincapistrano luglio 28, 2012 alle 9:38 pm

i agree. plus kelly only stole her from her best friend which i think is not right

TheDylan022707 agosto 19, 2012 alle 12:24 am

Nice fanny pack Steve……LOL

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